Because of his studies at the Lemmensinstitute in Leuven and the Musical Highschool in Maastricht

he was able to taste from all styles. Still he prefers the romantic period with composers such as

Max Reger, Joseph Rheinerger , César Franck, etc.

Finding a compromise between solist and conductor is making music with a chamber orchestra

as in a.o. Concerto in C for organ and orchestra by J. Haydn, or Concerto in F for organ and orchestra

by G.F. Handel, Concerto in B by J. Stanley, etc.

Also the combination of a harmonic orchestra and organ is well known  by Tom.

One has been able to witness this on several occasions.

Tom Hoornaert has a weakness for choir music. This explains his regular cooperation with several

choirs.  Not only as conductor but also as organist. His flexibility as a choir leader is partly a

consequence of his very young presence in the choir world in this function.